Monday, November 19, 2012

About Shokhrat Kadyrov a Turkmen scientist of history

Professor Dr. Shorat Kadyrov
Shokhrat Kadyrov - doctor of Historical Sciences, professor, Leading Researcher and Chief editor of the website of the Center for Central Asian and Caucasian Studies (CCACS) of the Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences and Uppsala Centre for Russian and Eurasian Studies (UCRS) a new research unit at Uppsala University (Sweden).


1972-1977 Student of Faculty of History, Turkmen State University; 1976 Senior fellowship at the Turkmen State Archive; 1977 Fellowship at the Dept. of the study of problems of Soviet Society at the National Academy of Sciences; 1977-1980 Aspirant at the Institute of ethnology and anthropology, National Academy of Sciences, USSR; 1980-1991 - Fellow at Dept. of sociology and psycho-sociological problems, Institute of Philosophy and Law, TSSR. Researcher and a Group head, Philosophy and Law Institute, Turkmen Academy of Sciences, Ashgabat Center for Family Planning, Director Ministry for Public Health, Turkmen SSR, Ashgabat; 1984 – Master of History (kandidat nauk):
"Demographic changes in Turkmenistan 1880-1980; 1994-1998 working at the archives of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Moscow.
2004, November, PhD (Doctor of Historical Sciences).

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