Thursday, January 05, 2012

Institute of History of Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan invites to international conference

TURKMENISTAN.RU: The Institute of History of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan invites experts to the international scientific conference titled “Medieval Towns of Turkmenistan in the Eurasian Civilization” to be held in Ashgabat on March 28-30, 2012.
 The conference will discuss the following topics: international cooperation in protecting and studying the historical and cultural heritage of the Turkmen people in the epoch of New Revival and great reforms; historiography and sources on the history of medieval towns of Turkmenistan; medieval towns of Turkmenistan in the Great Silk Road; development of material and spiritual culture in the medieval towns of Turkmenistan.
According to the official website of the Embassy of Turkmenistan in the Russian Federation, those whishing to attend the conference should submit their abstracts by 15 January 2012. The costs associated with participation in the conference (round trip, accommodation and meals) will be covered by the Organizing Committee.

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